VIVALDI | The Four Seasons

Orchestra 1756 (on period Instruments) • Soloists of the Salzburger Konzertgesellschaft  

St. Charles Church was finished in 1737. Four years later, on July 28th, 1741, Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi died in Vienna. He was buried just a few meters from St. Charles Church at “Spittaler Gottesacker“ (God's Acre). Today, neither the cemetery with Vivaldi's grave, nor Mozart's grave, exist. The Technical University was built on the grounds of the former cemetery. A simple stone plaque on the building commemorates Vivaldi's brilliance in composing.

The so called “Four Seasons“ is a compilation of four revolutionary violin concerts. Four poems - which might've been written by Vivaldi - are the image of the composition which shows us furious thunder storms and flashes, breaking ice and twittering of birds, sleeping shepherds, barking dogs, a band of hunters and many more spectacular impressions.