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Concerts at Saint Charles Church



... Karlskirche (St. Charles church) was built in 1737. It is not only the Viennese branch of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star from Prague but also one of the most impressive buildings in Vienna and the most important church northern the Alps. 1741 Antonio Vivaldi was burried here, until 1918 it was imperial parish church.

In the last years Karlskirche has developed to be one of the most outstanding concert venues in Vienna. It is a center for historically informed performances with works by Mozart and Vivaldi. And it is also the home of the renowned ORCHESTRA 1756 that regularly gives concerts here. 


 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Mozart´s last composition in authentic interpretation

Orchestra 1756 (on period instruments)
International soloists & conductors


St. Charles Church - located just a few hundred meters from the place where Mozart died - is one of the most impressing and significant buildings in Vienna. Every Saturday between March and December, it presents itself as the ideal location to perform Mozart's last work - the REQUIEM.

The concerts are performed by the choir and the soloists of the Salzburg Concert Society as well as Orchestra 1756 (on period instruments). All together there are more than 40 musicians on stage. You will not find another concert more profound, nor one as true to the ways of Mozart, than what can be offered through us in Vienna.

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Antonio Vivaldi

The 4 Seasons

Vivaldi died 1741 in Vienna and was burried next to St. Charles Church

Orchestra 1756 (on period instruments)
International soloists


St. Charles Church was finished in 1737. Four years later, on July 28th, 1741, Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi died in Vienna. He was buried just a few meters from St. Charles Church at “Spittaler Gottesacker“ (God's Acre). Today, neither the cemetery with Vivaldi's grave, nor Mozart's grave, exist. 

The so called FOUR SEASONS are a compilation of four revolutionary violin concerts. Four poems - written by Vivaldi - are the image of the composition which shows us furious thunder storms and flashes, breaking ice and twittering of birds, barking dogs, a band of hunters and many more spectacular impressions. 

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