Mozart Requiem in Vienna

Location:Karlskirche - St. Charles Church in Vienna

Orchestra 1756 & chorus CANTUS XVII

The Orchestra 1756 was founded in Salzburg in the year 2006. Stunningly, the “Mozart City” was missing and ensemble that would put its primary focus on the original interpretation of Mozart’s works on historical instruments. The original instruments, the intensive work with stylistics and rhetoric of the 18. Century and a balanced combination of instruments, oriented towards the historic rules- that’s how the ensemble makes the music sound authentic. As an auditor once noticed: “All you’re missing is the original Mozart-air.”

Ticket Categories

Category I

Rows 1-13, numbered seats (seats can be chosen with the next step)

Category II

behind Cat. I, unnumbered seats (open seating)

Category III

behind Cat. II, unnumbered seats (open seating)


In 1713, one year after the last great plague epidemic, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, pledged to build a church for his namesake patron saint, Charles Borromeo. 1741 Antonio Vivaldi was burried at Karlskirche. The church initially had a direct line of sight to the imperial Hofburg Palace and also used to be the imperial patronage parish until 1918